Group Architecture Ltd is an architectural design firm , based in Parnell, Auckland and newly established Wanaka office ,Otago,New Zealand.

We provide unique, creative architectural building design solutions but we also specialize in highly efficient building design. We are experienced professionals with a broad range of expertise and services, who are passionate about architectural design and are committed to maintaining an ethos of quality throughout all aspects of our work.

We are committed to providing an excellence in service and product which is client focused and we aim to exceed client’s expectations.

“As an architectural design company, our main goal is to transform our client’s building ideas, dreams and expectations into concepts that can be developed for plans and construction” .

Our expertise in architectural design and detailing range from new residential, renovations / new additions, interior design, new commercial to commercial interiors and shop fit-outs. We deliver our projects using 3D modeling / BIM (Building Information Model)

Our firm prides itself in working closely with our clients throughout the conceptual design process. We understand that planning of a new project and getting the design just right is critical. Our 3D modeling software ensures early conceptual designs are quickly visualised by our clients.


We consider that each project brings different client requirements and that our response is to guide that project through collaborative input to success, whether it is small or large.The end result is to create inspirational spaces with architecture that meets and exceeds the client and public expectations and is in context to the natural and built environment.

Our practice is green minded and actively incorporates innovative sustainable design and construction with an environmental awareness that will contribute to our future. 

We support ethical and sustainable practices. We believe our architecture reflects who our clients are and their aspirations.

The  Process


For a new project, we typically meet with clients for an informal chat. This allows both parties to work out if we are a good fit while discussing the project.

From this meeting, we will ask you to fill out our briefing form. This is where you tell us what you want. As well as the more prosaic requirements of the project such as the number of rooms, we want to hear about your interests, tastes and how you want to live and play in the house. This can be demonstrated by books, magazines, Pinterest page etc. Based on this brief, we will prepare a fee proposal to review with you.


Once engaged we will start to gather key information such as council rules and regulations, and will advise on the feasibility of the project in terms of programmatic requirements, budget, timelines, site analysis and other professional services that may be required. (Survey etc.)

Now the fun begins! When the project parameters have been established we will begin to explore the opportunities and constraints latent in the proposed site and will tackle the broad architectural issues at a conceptual level. The outputs are typically sketch plans and 3d concept drawings. These concepts may challenge your thinking but be open minded and communicate clearly about what you do and don’t like. It will usually take several meetings to refine the concept design.


When a concept is agreed upon, we will test the ideas, refine the details and shape the final design. Developed design is a key phase to refine the overall nature of the project. We will make recommendations for the final design of detail and the use of materials that reinforce the holistic vision for the project. We normally recommend that a Quantity Surveyor (or qualified contractor) is engaged at this stage to provide a preliminary estimate of cost. Once an estimate of costs has been obtained that everyone is comfortable with, a Resource Consent Application is made (if required). We will usually apply for a resource consent on your behalf, unless it is of a particularly complex nature, in which case we will advise on the need for a specialist planner to make the application together with our architectural documentation.


Once resource consent is approved, your project will progress to detailed design phase. This stage will advance your design to the level of detail that will be inspected by the council before they issue a building consent and allow a construction contractor to assess the full scope of the project that will form the basis for the building contract. This will include construction details, materials, components, systems, and finishes. During this stage, we will coordinate with and incorporate the work of consultants into the documentation. We will manage the consent process for you and will answer ongoing queries from council until consent is granted. This can take from 6-10 weeks. We can help with the tendering process, if that is your preferred procurement method.


This is the construction stage of the project. The building is built under a contract between the Principal (you) and the Contractor. For small to medium scale projects this will typically take the form of a standard industry contract such as NZS 3910:2013. You can decide whether you would like the main contractor to act as project manager or alternatively you can appoint an independent project manager. We stay on in an observation role to ensure that the design is completed to a high standard and to offer advice and support where needed but remain independent from the contact administration.

This stage is on a fixed fee basis, spread across the build period